BIM 360 Layout: Improve Quality Using Model Data in the Field

BIM 360 Layout is a free iPad app add-on for BIM 360 Glue subscribers


View the evolution of construction layout to improve quality.

Connect coordinated models to the construction layout process to improve building accuracy.

  • Conduct constructability reviews on the jobsite or in the office
  • Identify costly issues in the preconstruction phase
  • Improve VDC & BIM collaboration while accelerating clash detection
“We have the assurance that we’re installing in the field per a coordinated model and doing it right the first time. I honestly have to say it’s revolutionary.”

PCL Construction

Benefits of working with BIM 360 Layout

More Accurate and More Efficient Layout


Traditional methods of laying out points can be tedious and time-consuming. A model-based approach for field layout will speed execution, reduce errors and improve quality.

Fewer Errors

Fewer Errors

Perform layout using BIM 360 Glue coordinated models, ensuring the field always has the latest model.
Faster Layout Prep

Faster Layout Prep

Automatically prepare and transfer point coordinate detail to field devices.
Accurate Field Verification

Accurate Field Verification

Verify points or installed components directly in the field and add notes or issues directly to the model when finished.

The power of BIM on the jobsite

The BIM 360 Layout iPad app and a robotic total station combine to bring the power of BIM to field layout and verification processes.


Point Layout Integration

Point Layout Integration

Upload models with layout points directly from design applications to BIM 360.
Hardware Connections

Hardware Connections

Connects to robotic total station hardware and controls the hardware remotely with guide and point-turn functionality.
Less Manual Prep

Less Manual Prep

Intuitive, step-by-step configuration of robotic total stations for layout and verification.

BIM 360 Layout Features

A free iPad app add-on for BIM 360 Glue subscribers, BIM 360 Layout provides contractors the ability to connect the coordinated model to the field layout process.

Office-to-Field Workflows

  • Upload models with layout points
  • Sync models with BIM 360 Glue
  • Communicate issues in the field to VDC team

Robotic Total Station Control

  • Remote control
  • Guide and point-turn functionality
  • Visual and sonic distance cues

Model-based Navigation

  • Real-time model navigation
  • Gesture-based pan and zoom
  • 2D viewing options

QA & Verification

  • Verify point locations on the job site
  • As-Built collection
  • Analyze layout productivity data

BIM 360 Layout is a free app add-on for BIM 360 Glue subscribers

"Taking a coordinated model and verifying that points are going in the right location makes my job a lot easier."

PCL Construction