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  • Connect directly to your subs to streamline RFIs and ensure they are working from current specs. 
  • Connect the owner to the process by managing change orders and issues in a common data platform.
  • Connect the 3D model to field, providing those doing the work the context to get it right the 1st time.
  • Connect your project team to all the drawings and documents, using permissions to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time.

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KEVIN LLOYD, Balfour Beatty

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Real-time access anywhere

Access documents, construction plans and models on-the-go with one piece of software. All project teams can instantly access the most recent versions of documents via desktop, tablet, or phone - on a network or in the cloud.


Collaboration & Control

Create and manage 2D and 3D markups and issues. Tightly control the release of information at a user, company or role level. Access all documents from a single repository, reducing risk and eliminating errors.


Coordinate work in 2D or 3D

Extract drawing sets, automatically extract title block data, and maintain set linking and data references. Automated and standardized curation of content help create seamless, logical workflows for viewing and markup across teams.

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